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360 Yield Center Chain Roll

360 Yield Center Chain Roll

Fast residue breakdown boosts nutrient availability for next spring's crop. 360 CHAINROLL creates "chains" of seven-inch stalks - ideal for rapid breakdown. Plus, they're the perfect length for row cleaners to remove residue from the seed trench.

Tests show a 2.5-bushel yield bump from better ear count and even germination compared to confetti-style chopping stalk rolls. It's a simple, profitable upgrade for Deere corn heads.



The perforated stalks created by 360 CHAINROLL increase surface area to speed up microbial breakdown, freeing up more nitrogen for your crop. Plus, 360 CHAINROLL sizes residue so it is still manageable by the row cleaner, while staying put in the field. That's a big difference compared to "confetti" stalk rolls. Those small pieces aren't removed by row cleaners and too often end up in the seed trench.



360 CHAINROLL stalk rolls directly replace old stalk rolls.

360 CHAINROLL cuts stalks in seven-inch segments, ideal for row cleaners to remove residue from the seed trench reducing seedling blights, wicking and lower ear counts.Combination of cutting flutes and piercing teeth create chain-like perforated residue.

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