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Red River Agriservice is dedicated to helping growers cost effectively integrate Precision Farm Management (PFM) into their farming operations. We use the latest precision farming technology in Guidance, Telemetry, and Rate Control to provide services to growers at a cost effective price per acre.


Our goal is to help the grower squeeze the most dollars of profit possible out of every dollar of input. 


Harvesting Wheat

Services Available

Red River Agriservice is positioned to help your operation stay caught up or get caught  up in . Take a look below at all of the services that we offer and get in touch today.


Precision Custom Fertilizer Spreading

Our floater truck is equipped with the most advanced and accurate spinner controller in the industry - Topcon's Athene+SL2. Our Auto Guidance equipped truck is fitted with load cells underneath the spinner box and is directly plugged into the Athene rate controller. Our application rate is with in 1% of actual. 

Cost savings never sounded so good. 


Precision Cover Crop Interseeding

Our ALL NEW Precision Cover Crop Interseeder can help you successfully integrate cover crops into your 22" rows. The optimal time to plant cover crops is between the V4 and V6 stage in corn where we sneak through the rows and drill right between the rows. When we are done we hand over to you the As Applied map and data for you to get paid on your EQIP and CSP plan. 

Integrating cover crops into your operation never felt so easy. 


Precision Custom Tillage

Our tillage equipment is fitted with the industry best Topcon Depth Control system. No sinking into the soil and digging too deep when it's wet and no riding on top of the soil when it's too dry. Our TDC system hits the right depth no matter the conditions or terrain. 

Proper tillage never looked so perfect.


Seed Sales

Red River Agriservice is a certified Legend and Lacrosse Seed dealer and is equipped to support your crop needs.

  • Corn

  • Soybeans and Sunflowers

  • Alfalfa and Forages

  • Cover Crops 

  • Native Prairie 

  • Food Plots


Tractor and Drill Rentals

If you are a DIY kind of person, please ask us about tractor and drill rentals for your next food plot or prairie restoration project.


Precision Custom Sidedressing

Our sidedress equipment is fitted with Topcon's Apollo Liquid Rate Control system to provide the very best in Section Control and Variable Rate Control. Cut costs and optimize your yeild potential with accurate in season sidedressing.


 Green fields never put so much green in your pocket before. 


Sales, Installation, and Service

Red River Agriservice can help keep your precision farming products going. We offer sales, installation, service, and support for Topcon, DigiStar, NORAC, Yetter, Dickey-john, and Ag-Express Electronics.

Red River Agriservice

6326 240th St S
Hawley, Clay County 56549


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